What were you watching yesterday night?

How to work on a 765,000 Volt transmission line. If you want to get right down to business, skip to 2:00 to watch the actual work being done.



Interesting - I didn’t see that there was a ‘retrieval line’ attached to the clamping device… I suspect dropping it is contraindicated!

Oh - and we wonder why electricity is pricey…

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That podcast is like watching a criminal / hacking movie made by someone like Guy Ritchie! :disguised_face:

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Jeezuz! What a bad bad shitflick by the totally overrated Sir Kenneth Branagh. :nauseated_face:

I watched Midnight Sun last night, it was both worse and better than I expected. Worse as in production quality, better as in the overall story.

Lame lame lame.

My thoughts about Emmerich’s newest cheese.

Not too shabby.

Hubby forced me to watch this with him. And then he stayed in bed. :frowning: So I watched it alone. We both have never played Halo but heard it’s got a good backstory and lore. And now watching it as a Spielberg production, and featuring once-famous roundeye Natascha McElhone and grumpy Burn Gorman, in between a cast of nobodies - but talented nobodies - was a better viewing experience than I’d hoped for. And the CGI wasn’t bad either.

My thoughts after 2 episodes: https://orcaflotta.blog/2022/04/03/otparamount-halo/

Flipping through Netflix, a girlfriend and I, gave this a try. Two days later we’ve watched it all. Good acting, a storyline not written by a drunk five year old, and mezmerising scenes.

:motorcycle: :oncoming_police_car: and lots of familiar landscapes.

This dog dances better than I do.



Ah yes, love Peter Rabbit, great books and shows! Nice song, too. Could use more frogs, though…

It was also quite useful for my study of Middle Egyptian, since there exists a nice translation:


That is nice. But why are there so many birds in the text when it is about a rabbit? :laughing: