What was the most memorable thing for you in 2021? Happy New Year!

I wish a happy New Year to all members of our community!



:purple_heart: :enos_flag:


I don’t remember much of anything from 2021.

I do drink a lot…


I feel you. I could extend that way back in years :sweat_smile:


I was trying not to shine a light on that part :rofl:.


Most memorable tech-related thing:

Saying goodbye to Pop!_OS and Solus and running only EndeavourOS full time on my Acer laptop with hybrid graphics; running like a breeze for almost the last 6 months with daily updates!

Most memorable non-tech-related thing:
Staying committed to myself to improving my photography skills throughout the year which has been a great benefit and fun hobby to do since I’ve always loved photography.


Happy New Year :partying_face:

I don’t remember anything but am looking forward to 2022. New Year’s resolution is to seriously learn to code :innocent: and to still be using eos.

Thanks guys for this distro and community for your continued support and entertainment on this forum!

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Don Julio '42

Belching Beaver Peanut Butter Stout

Tom Brady winning another super bowl.

Installing Arch

The number of ways I have learned to disappoint my wife

Driving across the USA 2x

And the number one most memorable thing. . .

Everyday on Endeavour. . .


362 Days at this forum and almost the same days on the telegram chat stood by me this year.
And indeed the release of ISO-Next pushed the handling of the installer to the next level, and open it for more to come for the next year for sure.


Finally being able to ditch my dual-boot (boy, Proton/Wine has come a long way!)
365 days above room temperature

Me on New Years :stuck_out_tongue:


I still haven’t figured out how you managed to miss so many days in the last year… my number came out to 365! Everybody Endeavour to have a Happy New Year!

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Nothing memorable happened in 2021.The biggest thing I think is that my family and I are still virus free.

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I had a few friends pass away and got to spend time with my nephew i havent seen in years are my ones i suppose.