What programs should I need to install for GUI app coding

I am planning to do a GUI app with c++ or python. What programs should i need to install?

It depends what GUI toolkit you are going to use.

Qt Creator supports both C++ and Python if you want to use Qt. Keep in mind, you need to know how to program in C++ and/or Python before jumping into building a complicated application.

how about vs code??

I will install qt creator. Not a complicated application. More kind of a gallery app :smiley:

Qt creator is a paid app. :frowning: Can you suggest some freeware?

You can use it but a lot more things will be manual.

No it isn’t, it is in the repos. I use it all the time. It is open source.

Name            : qtcreator
Version         : 11.0.1-1
Description     : Lightweight, cross-platform integrated development environment
Architecture    : x86_64
URL             : https://www.qt.io
Licenses        : GPL3

I was checking their site and got confused. Installed qtcreator thanks @dalto :slight_smile:

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