What non-Linux personal projects are you working on right now?

Curious to see what the community does to keep itself busy when not tweaking they system or helping others tweak theirs!

For example, I’m very early in the process of building a climbing wall here at home…something like this:
(borrowed this pic from a subreddit…).

I’m newer to climbing and I figured building one myself would make more sense than spending $$$ at a climbing gym.

Interested to hear what others have going on!


To stay positive, and make constructive use of my time during the pandemic, I’m learning French, at the intermediate level.

I also found an old DOS program called Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess that works in dosbox. Based on his book, I’m hoping it’ll help improve my chess ability.


I’m trying to write a book. I’ve got all the ideas for like 5 for a series but it’s actual writing that hurts.

I’m about 3/4 through the first on my 2nd rewrite so its getting somewhere…


I’m reading this book called Word Power Made Easy. (pic from amazon)


Mine is a 1999 copy and pages are yellow. I’m the third or fourth person to be reading the copy. English is not my first language and I often find myself not knowing the right word for what I want to say. Think this will come out to be useful.

Along with that I’m learning Japanese language (very slowly). I am also planning to start learning basics of finance, investments and stocks. Financial Literacy is my elective subject for the current semester at univ, but you know, the profs don’t actually teach anything. :upside_down_face: Internet if your best friend for passing exams.

My notebooks used to be filled with ideas for top of the line stories, but I have been too lazy to write anything more than a few short stories.