What network manager does EOS use?

I am struggling with an issue where I’m not able to access internet inside waydroid. Someone said it may be due to the network manager I’m using like iwd or whatever…so how do I know what network manger I’m using? and how do I switch it?

We use NetworkManager by default. This is very common so it seems unlikely that Waydroid would require replacing it.

That being said, if you want to, here is the information on networking:



Probably a Firewall issue. Maybe check the information regarding firewalld here.

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So I changed my dhcp client as according to the guide but it didn’t work…I’m loosing my mind at this point…it used to work in Garuda after all…do you know if it uses something else?

Garuda also uses NetworkManager.

I think you are going in the wrong direction.


yeah I’ve add all those ports to trusted and have even tried disabling firewalld via systemctl stop firewalld that should stop it interfering shouldn’t it?

are you suggesting its something with waydroid itself?

I don’t know what the problem is because I don’t use waydroid but it seems like thinking NetworkManager isn’t compatible seems unlikely since it used by most desktop Linux distros.



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again lol I have tried it and have even tried stopping firewalld to no effect

When something doesn’t work i usually start over in order to try to figure it out. :wink:


@2000 and @ricklinux I’m increadibly sorry it seems systemctl stop firewalld does not stop it completely (unlike what EOS docs say), systemctl disable firewalld does…and it works now…I feel very stupid I hadn’t thought of it for 3 days

Maybe this is useful for you. I know it is a lot of information. I think this is the problem with Linux and documentation especially the Arch wiki. There is a massive amount of technical information and documentation but unfortunately a lot of people don’t have the knowledge or training required to understand a lot of it. I include myself in that category because we can’t know it all. We only know what we know or think we know until we find out we were wrong or there is another way. :wink:

thanks a lot…wish I had seen it before lol

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