What is your go to driving music?

(If you drive that is.) I recently had a decent sql sound system installed in my Truck. Since then I ve discovered some phenomenal music. My listening pleasure is simple. It boils down to mellow, and fast paced. My go to mellow music is Fiona Joy Hawkins; Pretty much all of her music. Fast paced is, Man With No Name: Interstate Highway. (Appropriate name cause it s great highway driving music.) While driving what s your go to music? Maybe you will introduce me to a new favorite.


AM 570 sports talk radio.

Or country since my wife has abysmal taste in music, but she at least likes country.

If it’s just me - metal, nu-metal, rock, pretty much anything from like 1990-2010 that wasn’t like backstreet bys.

I hate car culture and most of you should be greatful for that…coz that would be some of those:


I almost always listen to podcasts when driving. My current go-to casts are The Origins Podcast with Lawrence Krauss and a german economy podcast called Wohlstand für Alle (Wealth for Everyone, roughly translated).

Good morning!
I have this CD in my car: (Tron legacy)

Nice thread! :slight_smile:
I would like to find this music and of course an R34 would be nice :boom:


Could it be because you re driving a clown car?

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No it’s the other way around, i drive :clown_face: car because i hate car culture and we’re living in :clown_face: :earth_africa: ! :rofl:


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I suppose as long as my clown car has an awesome sound system the type of car doesn t matter. I ve had jobs where I drove 50 to 100 miles to and from work every day, traffic jams and all. It was not pleasant, but now I sit in traffic jams, and hope they last longer so I can keep listening to the amazing soundz. I can throw in some Celldweller: Faction series, and it s like being in an IMAX movie theater.

It s a mix of 2 groups.

It says right in the video you posted.

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Thanks !!!

They trying to sound like Infected Mushroom.

Interesting you mention that. I was just thinking about going to the sound shop that did my system to ask them to install a switch in it so I could shut off the amps for when I listen to talk radio. But as far as country, I wouldn t go so far as to ban it from the airwaves, but I wouldn t loose any sleep over it if it was.

The beginning of the Tron album reminded me of this by Yanni.

Ah Memory … My very aged father has been lisening to Yanni for a very long time. He still looks at his DVD’s today even if he can’t drive anymore …
God time passes fast … I think my dauther plays the Tron legacy movie DVD to her own daughter nowadays …
I remember very good music was available in the 90’s when those cars got cd players … :cd:

The day I can t drive anymore will be a sad day indeed. Yanni; Live at the Acropolis used to be my no. 1 go to driving music. It s both energizing, and relaxing at the same time. And a live album at that. The only live album I think is better is UFO; Strangers in the Night, but not as driving music; just kicked back with the volume cranked :love_you_gesture: :love_you_gesture:
Spoiler: Michael Schenker s guitar solo on Rock Bottom, (40:01), is bad ass.

You should do UFC. It s good outlet for angst.

Mostly heavy stuff. Contemporary and classics such as Black Sabbath, eighties thrash, Judas Priest, 90’ies grunge, etc.

For really upbeat stuff you could check a favorite of mine, Meshuggah. The linked video is a song called “Combustion.”

I don’t have a driver licenze, I’m the only One in the forum?