What is that line?

I get that line whenever i scroll some apps.
Why that happens and how to fix that plz help.

What line, can you be more specific? Provide more details, the screenshot doesn’t convey anything

If you are referring to the dotted line - it is a GTK thing - I don’t know the exact meaning - I am guessing - but it could be an indication there is more content or an indication the window can be resized.

More precisely - I have only ever seen this when GTK uses CSD (Client Side Decorations)


theme you use. change theme see it no there. my guess theme need update

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Not exactly, this line indicates that “end of scroll area have been reached”, it’s mainly i guess is visual indicator for touch devices (kinda like bounce-back effect in Apple and Goolag devices)

P.S. So that’s not bug, but a feature if you don’t like it you’d have to change or edit theme.


this thing : ------------------------------------

How ?


Oh Thank you so much!

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