😲 What happened to the emojis?

I can’t see the emoji “picker” under the posts in a thread.
However they are still available in the reply box.


If you mean the reaction emojis, the plugin seems to be disabled at the moment.

I am not sure if it was caused by an update or some other reason.


Alright, that explains it.

I felt :frowning_face: not having access to expressing my emotions :sweat_smile:

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There was an error during the update of the forum and since both retort (the emojis) and discourse national flags (the flag behind your name) haven’t been updated upstream since two years ago, I disabled them to see if that would solve anything.

It did, so the plugins will be disabled for now. :wink:


I see. Thanks for the reply and the explanation!


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At least that won’t prevent me from clowning around! :rofl:



Closing this post, to react go to: Discourse national flags and reacting with emojis are disabled

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