What GUI are you using to manage services?

I -LOVED- using systemd-manager to enable/start services. For a Windows refugee, it was a simple and easy to understand GUI but it looks like the project has been abandoned.

" chungy commented on [2019-05-28 17:36]
Seems upstream ceased development and remove the source repo. abandoning."

I installed that a week or two ago via pamac on Endeavour OS beta 2.1. Now it’s gone. :frowning:

So…for those of you that use a GUI to manage your services, what are you using and why did you pick it?

I feel your pain, I really liked using that as well. Honestly I just use systemctl, its not hard to use, the only painful part is discovering what all the services are which is why I really liked systemd-mamager, it let me see what was there in a nice format

Right on the money! I’m not opposed to using systemctl but with systemd-manager, it was just nice to see all the services and easily scroll up and down and simply click a button to enable/start them.

have you tried systemd-ui ? I just installed it. Not as nice as systemd-manager,but I think it will get the job done