What games are you playing?

You probably still did better than me, I suck playing any game vs people. Vs computer easy, they are predictable, people not so much

not really. I have been playing Counter Strike for a long time. I remember being 4-5 years old and playing Counter Strike 1.6 because my brother was away from home and I saw him play it.

When I was 4-5 I was playing Catacomb or Hovercraft on dos lol

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Never heard of those games, to be honest. Perhaps I should search them up.

They are pretty old, I’ll see if I can find them now and send you a link. I remember the last time I looked up catacomb a few different ones showed up

Couldn’t find hovercraft (it may have been named something else but this was what I had to type to launch it) but here is a link to Catacomb https://www.dosgamesarchive.com/download/catacomb

Oh snap! I saw this game in a video I saw recently! It looked cool and I wanted to try it out sometime. Perhaps I will try it out today!


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It was the bomb back in the day, need a num pad to play properly from memory (me thinking back 30 odd years lol)
If I find hovercraft I’ll link it too

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Stellaris is epic. And the soundtrack :drooling_face:
I used to think Sins of a Solar Empire was big… well… Stellaris moved in.

I’ve been playing Kingdom Two Crowns (speaking of great soundtracks). It has elements of tower defence, strategy, survival, discovery, etc.

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Apparently it is possible to beat this game in a number of hours, although in my case it took a few days. It gets a little weird toward the end there, but it’s a pretty fun little game! :paperclips:

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I know the characters look a bit lewd, but the game is really, really good and engaging.

Looks very promising. I think I have to put Stellaris on my wishlist.

At the moment I’m playing this one, but that will be done soon:


Hades 2


I have been playing All Orcs Must Die 3