What games are you playing?

I finally beat Breath of the Wild (on Yuzu) after 120 hours. Man this game is something special. After my initial disappointment, I am at a point now, where it could be my favorite Zelda game. There is so much to say, so much has been said in last 7 years. For many its an old game. Here is a random screenshot capturing a lighting:

The game even records the last 200 hours of footsteps (with replay functionality, at least on the map, don’t look at it if you don’t want any spoilers):

Map footsteps (spoiler alert!)


Technically I don’t think they’re available on PC yet (I don’t even know how people get them to play before they’re released), but Vindictus: Defying Fate and Stellar Blade are the 2 games I’d play today if I could.

It seems Dark Souls and Starfield style. Has anyone been able to play it?

I hope they are compatible with Protón, Lutris or Heroic on my EOS. Although I don’t think I can play these 2 games with my 1050 ti…

I wanna try that game only because I am a horny bastard


Just started Outer Wilds without spoilers and feeling pretty WTF. I’l have to dive into this deeper tomorrow when I am less tired. :stuck_out_tongue:


Started Dinity 2: Original Sin a while ago. D&D at its best.

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Star Renegades

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Playing Warzone on windows VM (GPU passthrough) has become impossible. Constant “server disconnected” errors.

So, I’ve started playing my backlog. Star Wars Squadrons has been interesting. It’s a shame EA will kill online for Linux players.

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I ve been playing X4 for about 6 months. Devs have just released their second public beta. A lot of new features.

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You should definitely try BG3 if you haven’t.

PoE1/2, Pathfinder WOTR/Kingmaker and Wasteland 3 are absolutely must play if you into cRPG.

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I’m still playing this, absolutely love it

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It’s on my list but probably not for quite a few years, need a better PC for gaming first

Undecember is the game I’m playing most often right now. Free to play, pay-to-win if you don’t want to grind yourself to death for XP. But up until about level 60 it’s a lot of fun.

Yeah, my PC can run it, but it’s absolutely struggling and it got worse in Linux. In the meantime, the other title I mentioned should be playable for a wider range of PC configuration.

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Yes I’ve got POE1 in my library and before starting this fished off Wasteland 2 & 3 (Loved these 2)

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that reminded me, I never actually finished Wasteland 2, the UI is just… makes me mad… Wasteland 3 UI improvement is just phenomenal compared to W2 imo, but I need to finish this game sometime soon.


My current graphics card probably won’t manage that: RX 580 and rather old i5 2500K.

Well, I saw the “making off” of Vindictus and Stellar Blade (I don’t remember if on YouTube or Twitter), and in both they used 2 of the most beautiful model girls I’ve ever seen, for motion capture and 3D scanning. So I understand you. :rofl:

they know their target audience well :joy: