What games are you playing?

Enderal a total conversion mod for Skyrim, a very different experience to Skyrim but great for what it is


Right now I’m replying Hollow Knight because my son likes watching me play it (I never play it alone, only with him).

I’m also getting through Dusk (after having stopped in the middle of the second “chapter” for a long time). Right now I’m in the second level of the third chapter.
Things are getting quite bonkers I must say.

I’m also in the end of the Asian campaign of Settlers 3 never having played it before. I LOVE Settlers 2 so decided to try 3 and 4 and those are good as well (even though 2 is nearer to my heart - nostalgia).

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As much as I love Hollow Knight I hate it, I like games that are designed to let you reach the end (with either a casual or easy mode or even cheats), I paid for the full product I want to experience it. A big reason I like GTAV fail 3 times and it lets you skip what you can’t do and get on with the story

Titan Quest and Age of Empires II/0AD, mostly nowadays, all time favorite games: Abe’s Oddysee, Abe’s Exodus, Soulstorm (remake).

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My nephew loves these games, I remember playing the demo at my cousins and asking mum and dad over and over for it til dad found a pirated copy which at the time he thought was legit

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They were some of the few originals I had for PS1.

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Yer dad bought ours chipped with a heap of pirated games not realising that is what he had bought

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Well better late than never you can try Soulstorm on Steam, it’s pretty solid on Linux. Pretty hard though, not for the fainted hearts…

This is the same old discussion that exists around the Souls games.

They are too hard! We want an easy mode!
They SHOULD be hard or you won’t get the satisfaction of beating them.

I prefer to stay of out that discussion.

Personally I like it when it’s hard (within reason of course) and I’ve always managed to beat those hard games.

I can really see the other point of view though.

I love a challenge don’t get me weong but anything I pay for I want to discover the whole story

I understand the viewpoint and I think it’s valid.

You should get to play the game the way you want it. (unless there is a competative part to it, like multiplayer)

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Really loving this a lot more than Skyrim, more challenging, better story, interesting characters, the skill system could use a few improvements (it took me about 4 days to figure out how it worked), about my only real gripe is that the loading times can be pretty long in some areas


Really liking Lacuna so far. Mostly playing it on the Steam Deck. A scifi noir game with pixel graphics. It was free for a couple days, so grabbed it just for kicks. Turned out to be a pretty strong story-driven game.

Edit: just launched the game on my main PC. Save sync doesn’t seem to work, had to manually copy and share the save folder of Lacuna from the Steam Deck to my PC’s share folder. Minor inconvenience.

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Gonna put another 500 hours on my 1000 hours playtime.

The Greatest RPG of this Decade:


Woah ! Lot’s of different games here !

Well, I’m back to business soooo, here’s some games I play by now, of course all on our Endeavour OS ! :slight_smile:

  • Resident Evil 4 Remake
  • Judgment
  • Station2Station
  • RailGrade
  • HuntDown

Not a lot of time allowed by now since I’m actually making my house (Full renovation from Old Barns)

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Currently I am playing:

  • American Truck Simulator
  • Train Sim World 4
  • Bus Simulator 21
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator

Will be starting playing through the Bioshock series later just got it on special from Steam 80% off


Disco Elysium, really enjoying this so far


Kynseed, absolutely love it so far. If you have played Stardew Valley and liked it I can’t recommend this one enough