What games are you playing?

Wow! :smiley:
What role?

Lol, just because of the level I backed it on Kickstarter.

I wish I’d worked on it :joy::grin::smirk:

But it was pretty cool seeing my name on screen, especially on a game I absolutely loved :smiley:


So normally you would be one of the gold colored NPC’s then?

I wonder how will be the character creation done - random rolls or fixed “skill points”. Just to think about Baldur’s Gate 1 and 2 and how many hours it took to roll a decent character. :upside_down_face:

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:rofl: right? I forgot about that. It has been a very long time since I played. I would spend a good hour or more rolling those stats. I think someone finally invented a player creator cheat that got around it, thankfully. Lets hope they “rework” that system for the BG3.

Remembered I had one of those old Steam Controllers laying around, which nobody probably uses anymore :grin:

Apparently Frontier uploaded some official mappings for this which you can download through the steam overlay.

Actually works really well with this controller, it might get some use after all :smiley:

BTW got any tips for some easy money in the beginning?
doing some simple courier stuff now, until I can get some upgrades…

Frameshift drive engaged!

I think you had to be a $1,000 dollar backer and above for that.

I ain’t spending a grand on any game :open_mouth:

Well, except WoW over a 15 year period, but still :joy:

Forget what I said about Elite: Dangerous not having me 100% convinced yesterday…

These puppies came in today (after a very long search, thanks MS Flightsimulator)
There’s definitely a learning curve here, but oh man the way it feels and responds…

While I used to say Elite has a lack of immersion… with these twin sticks, I feel like I’m right in the cockpit…

Going through flight school again atm, but even this is exciting atm :smiley:


All you need now is 50" monitor.

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I’ll stick with my 27"’ for now, the desk is full as it is right now :wink:

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Definitely feeling jealous.

Though I’ll console myself with having a 34" Ultrawide


Yeah I believe an ultrawide is sick with these kinds of games :smiley:

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got myself a vulture and been having some fun with bounty hunting at the nav beacons.


erased my old savegame, and started a new game…
still in the noobfriendly systems atm, getting a feel for the controls

@dodgypast got my first big payday yesterday!
Did a road to riches run, which took longer than expected because of the low jump capability of my ship…
Did buy an ASP Explorer with the money though, end kitted it up with about 5.000.000 Cr worth of upgrades…

Will do another run today, which should take me about 1/3 of the time I spent yesterday, and it should earn me about 20.000.000 Cr.

Road to Riches route calculator:

oh and make sure you’ve got a good fuel scoop, so you don’t have to self-destruct haflway trough, because you’re stranded halfway through :sweat_smile: :see_no_evil:

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That’s a nice run… you should be in a position to look into engineers.

I’ve started using this guide.

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Gonna do a few more runs like this, then I’ll have a go at your guide!

Dang it @keybreak, you mentioned the original Deus Ex. I am going to have to re-install and play it. My favorite level is the Hong Kong one. I got a copy of it free, if memory serves, back when I bought a nVidia Riva TNT card. Many, many years ago. I played the heck out of it at the time.

That being said, I am taking a break from my usual RPG/ Shooter fare and relaxing with My Time at Portia.

Once I feel “recharged”, No Man’s Lie… ahem… No Man’s Sky is back in rotation.


Well that looks like an interesting game… Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Once I get my system back up and running I should be playing some native and proton/wine games
Here are a few I love.




Nier Automata

Ori and the Blind Forest/ Will of the Wisps



Sekiro Shadows Die Twice




Really, If Apex had a native Linux version, or if EAC supported Proton/wine, I’d no longer need windows.