What does this line even mean?

So a few days back i was searching about qt and fount this on KDE website

The whole page is filled with these lines. Maybe like 300-400 lines
Are these KDE haters :joy: .

Do someone know what or who Male Eevee is ?

Hard to say because Eevee is somewhat generic but given the juvenile nature of it I would guess it refers to Eevee the pokemon.


It’s clearly some “Lorem ipsum…” version for Pokemon lovers :rofl:

Sounds like some furry uWu insanity :rofl:


Yes the search results told me that it was a pokemon.

But i thought to myself, why would someone write that, it must mean something else. Guess what, i was wrong :clown_face:

I thought someone did that on purpose and there is a meaning behind it :rofl:

They also have this copypasta :sweat_smile: