What does future hold for EnOS

I’m sorry for the light sarcastic tone I’m going to answer this, but thank you for down talking our request in our latest post…

Yes, EndeavourOS is very close to Arch and it is the Arch team that does the heavy lifting. However, this doesn’t mean that the task our core dev team is doing goes without struggle.

One of our founding members, Fernando, can’t be as much hands on with the project after the November release and his work is actually a large percentage of the foundation of this distro.
We are looking for people who are willing to help us out and make the workload lighter,


I’m sorry - I didn’t see that.

I don’t think I said that. And in fairness, if the team is struggling then perhaps you should reconsider what you are doing or your approach to doing it?

By doing what, exactly? I guess I’ll find the post you mention and see what help you need.

However, creating more offline installers, or supporting large numbers of ARM boards, isn’t helping to reduce the maintenance burden - if you extend the project scope then you are going to create more work for yourselves. That’s just inevitable.


Read the post and what more offline installers are you talking about? We never talked about that and it is not in the pipeline either.


This sort of defensiveness doesn’t help.

Let me give a concrete example.

The project started supporting ARM boards in September and then two months later you write in your post that the workload is too great for the current team.

You also wrote that you are adding a pre-configured i3 BSPWM as an installer option. It is one step from that to make another offline installer (and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that request here on the forum).

Someone on the forum said EnOS does not provide (or aim to provide) driver tooling, and yet there is nvidia-installer.

What I’m trying to point out is that you are in the process of “project scope creep” - you are doing more than you initially set out to, and then wondering why it is taking more work.

I’d recommend you spend some time as a team discussing a road map for the project for exactly what your goals are over the next three, six, and 12 months. Then, identify where effort is being spent and how the goals can be supported.

Once you know what you are aiming to do, and what help you need, then you can effectively ask (or “advertise”) for help - along with the roadmap.

If you don’t want EnOS to be another Antergos, or Manjaro, or Garuda, then don’t be one - but then also make sure that you are happy with EnOS being an “enhanced” graphical Arch installer.


Why is it so hard for you to commit to something…oh wait yeah that… :hugs:


What are you talking about? We just requested if people are interested in helping with CALAMARES, that is the workload of the main dev team, and the other one is ARM, which is lead by Pudge as a community contribution that was added to the project.
The WM option you talk about is BSPWM, which like ARM, is a community contribution, lead and maintained by community members. By the time that one is finished, it will be an option in the online installer.

Obviously you are making assumptions here, without really taking all the right info. What did we do to you to react like this? I mean you offered to help us with the wiki, we gave you access and after that it became very quiet in that area. Instead, you’re sitting on your high horse and tell us what to do, without actually doing something?!?


Actually, I was asked whether my FAQ posts could be reposted on your Wordpress pages, I said yes, then was told that I should post them and weeks later an account was eventually created.

Feel free to delete the Wordpress account, I’m not going to be using it.

I have to learn not to give advice to people who don’t want it.

Maybe if you were on the forum more you’d see how I was spending my time here?

Ah, this is all sounding very familiar. This really does answer the question:


Well, let’s end this back and forth game, then. The Linux community is big enough for all of us. If you don’t like it, move on.

Come on guys, chill out… :peace_symbol:

Where can one find a list of what’s needed help with in Calamares?

I believe what @jonathon initially wanted to say that it’s not very clear what exactly is needed to be done, so it would be easier for potential contributors to follow


I second that, and it made me think:

I just had to search for the donate link and found it in the menu under “Websites”. I know it’s not good to make it the first and largest thing the visitor sees on the site, but it should stand out better and be visible on every page. Even better, if it had an animated widget, it would draw more attention. Not that it has to scream at people and annoy them, but it is important for all FOSS developers who do what they do, and they should never be afraid to ask, or even push it when times get tough.

I may be broke right now (my life’s story), but on occasion when times are good and I am very pleased about some FOSS project because it helped me do things that would otherwise be expensive, I donate a few bucks. It really is the most important thing to make FOSS able to give corporations a run for their money. :purple_heart:


I wanted to make a donation but when I went onto the donation site I found that Open Collective takes only bank transfers or credit cards.

I do not wish to donate via either of those two methods as I do not feel comfortable putting my information into such a site which is not known to me.

Can you (would you) set up PayPal option within the Open Collective page or, even better, just a straight PayPal link within the donation page (in addition to Open Collective)?

I’m sorry to “be this way” but, with all of the unfortunate financial incidents taking place at the present time, I will donate only through PayPal.

Thank you for considering my request.


you can do by paypall also ?

edit: paypal is also a digital form of a creditcard .

If i remember correctly PayPal had a huge data breach a while back. So they aren’t 100% secure either.

There is NO type of finance which has not had some sort of data breach in the last number of years.

But my PayPal account is linked only to one credit card and, if either that credit card or PayPal itself were to be breached, there would be no financial loss to me (per United States regulations and our credit card companies’ policies).

I have been using PayPal where appropriate and where is is accepted and I have never had any problem whatsoever with the service itself or the credit card to which it is linked. (I have had other credit cards, which I use in person, compromised but, again as per our laws, I had no financial loss at all.)

My PayPal account is NOT linked to my bank account (nothing is!) and I do not have a debit card.

I use PayPal exclusively for making transactions in other countries. In other words, if a non-U.S. site does not accept PayPal as a form of payment, I do not deal with that site.

So I hope that EndeavourOS can make donation by PayPal possible. If PayPal does become an option, I shall gladly make a donation.


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Monero, if we count cripto :upside_down_face:

How have you done that?
I’d like to know

Oh geez…I am having Manjaro PTSD reading this thread. :grimacing:


The os is free the servers not so much.


@jonathon is right, project is suffering from scope creep, which is creating unnecessary workloads. Brain drain and burn out is part and parcel of all FOSS projects, failing to plan for this eventuality is why most FOSS projects end.

Bottom line is to keep the project as focussed and simple as possible, vanilla Arch systems with a graphical networked installer. If this is too much then I fear for the long term viability of the project, which would be a shame.


There is an incredibly easy way around that: fosshost.org

You see, I sometimes spend time on things other than programming.