What Do You think about The Linux YouTuber Trafotin

HI What do You All Think About Trafotin The Linux Trafotin And His Hypothetical Choices For Linux Distributions For Example He Only Recommends Vanilla Arch OpenSuse Tumbleweed and Fedora Workstation Like Why Does That Matter And He’s Talking About The Importance Of Wayland And Having An Updated System That No One Cares About That Much And I Know Ubuntu Has Bad Practices And Debain Isn’t Up to date Bit Come on I Can’t Use Forks Because They Are Less Secure And That Bothers Me So Tell Your Opinions Down Below

hey some points and commas would help, to got what you wanrt to discuss here about.
Na joking…

Looks like everything and nothing to talk abot or really want to discuss this Youtuber?


Better subject your misuse of the language in all ways possible.



Iam Just Don’t like his Choices Sir

never saw any of the videos… may also never will do that

Hello Mohamad,
I’m trying to find the exact video …
Can you share the link ?

Thank you,

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Sure Thing Here is His YouTube channel

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I Fell For This And Loaded Up The Trafotin Linux And He Talks Like An Undeveloped Child With No Thinking Behind His Recommendations Which Are Based Entirely Upon His Own Use Case.

I Would Not Watch Trafotin Again Unless You Offer Me Large Regular Cash Payments.

I can’t use Wayland, I used Easystroke in the past, but with KDE I enjoyed built-in Mouse Gestures (under ‘Custom Shortcuts’ - not available under Wayland) so I use KDE with X11 and enjoy my MOUSE gestures.

When KDE drops gestures, I’ll use Easystroke until it dies.

I won’t be using NVidia.

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Thanks Ben I Already Fine Using Lubuntu With X11 Myself And Iam Using An Intel i5 Chip

It’s all Balderdash! :rofl:

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There is lot of variety and choice in linux. Try various flavors (distros) and form your own opinion

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Ok thank you Mohamad,
I just finished looking at it. It felt very strange, the animation, I might think also this is his natural voice behind it.
The information felt strange also has I come from very minimal experience with the type of software he uses. I wouldn’t be comfortable with the way he uses his computers.

To make understanding easier, I come from the radio amateur world and every knowledge is shared and experienced on live equipment. I have assembled my computers and build almost everything from my own hands inside the radio station, antennas in particular, excluding the transceivers and only because the knowledge is available to all. Ex: Radio Amateur Handbook etc … (Same as Free Software … you can read about it).

My family members, aged father and wife use Windows and they ask for help sometimes but I help the human person not the closed recipe of the software so that’s why I dont bother to much :slight_smile:
My experience with closed source software has never been good, all my life. I started in 1981 with my Texas instrument Ti 99 4a, by ordering by postal mail, paper source code to program it.

A very quick way to summarize his video : strange, not for me. :empty_nest:

Oh … I think i have written to much :laughing:
I go quiet now :smile:

See you down the log :wave:

Edit: grammar and typos. + Idea open specifications ( Well missed Dennis Ritchie … )


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now I’ve learned another word :rofl:

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Thanks For your Helpful Advice Sir

Yeah, very useful when you want to say that something is flapdoodle :sweat_smile:

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