What do you guys do when you have an error or a bug that you can't seem to fix?

As much as I love Linux, I can’t help but admit that I’ve had a fair share of issues throughout my years (with the latest one being sound related, something I’ve never worked with before :face_with_spiral_eyes:). Many of which I’ve been able to fix, others not. This leads me to want to ask:

When you have a bug that you’re unable to fix, what do you do? Swap systems? Reinstall? Ignore it? Look for other alternatives? And why do you choose to go that way?

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The fastest way is to ask for help here on the forum. :wink:

Reinstalling does not reveal the real problem, but may just hide it, so it is not really a solution.


I can’t say I have had an issue I was unable to fix. I come to places just like this to employ the help of others who are always willing to help when I provide all the necessary information. That being said I have had things I have had to uninstall or wait for a fix however its very rare.

As far as looking elsewhere I’m to old to distro hop anymore did that before leaving Windows was cool. I enjoy what I use and if something doesn’t work its generally not long before its fixed either by community help or the developers.


I simply ask in the :enos: forum !

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