What do you add to your sway configs?

Just installed eos-sway. It’s pretty well done. :smiley:

Some little changes I made in the config, that I missed in eos-sway are:

Tab-switching per Super+Tab

 # Tab toggle                                                             
bindsym $mod+tab workspace next_on_output
bindsym $mod+Shift+tab workspace prev_on_output

And as I prefer autotiling I added…well autotiling .
Maybe someone will find that useful too…

I pretty am curious to know what you guys have added to your configs that make sense to you, please share your knowledge :wink:

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happy you like it :+1: autotiling is personal preference . so you add if you like it :blush: EOS offer basic start point ! you build what fit you . :+1:

Sure thing…building your sway the way you like it, that’s where the fun begins :wink:
One thing though that needs to be added (in my opinion of course) is “tumbler” in order to have a previews of pictures in thunar → sudo pacman -S tumbler

in my waybar i added :slight_smile:

“custom/pacman”: {
“locale”: “C”, //
“format”: “{percentage} ”,
“interval”: 60,
“return-type”: “json”,
“exec”: “exec ~/.bin/updatebar”,
“on-click”: “kitty -e ‘updateringo’”,

updatebar script :slight_smile:


just fun :slight_smile:

and i use myself currently pantheon-files :slight_smile:

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and the rocket icon ?

you get :

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