What do EOS-users drive?

To an extend many of my friends are car guys - and we love to talk about what cars certain types of people drive, and what type of people drive certain cars… and I was wondering - what brand does the steering wheel of EndeavourOS people say? Do they mod their cars? Do they like Ubuntu-style everything-included KDMs, or debloated but stable old Toyotas? Surely the security experts drive Volvos or something along those lines, haha :smiley:

Old picture!


My guy.

Here’s my 2000 9-5 Aero on BBS’s. I love the 9000s, they’ve also risen a lot in price here in Denmark. Have you modded yours? (apart from the decals ofc)


also here is my stability machine, for when I want to drive the complete opposite of my 9-5 :sweat_smile:

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I liked the SAAB better. Too bad they are not made more! :frowning:

Some of my favorite cars are:

Ford Econoline van. Second generation (1968–1974)

Dodge Ram Pickup
Dodge Challenger (1971). The new ones are also nice. But I like older cars better! <3

Opel Commodore

I like cars!

BMW E81 123d (M-Sport trim). 50 MPG (UK), 250HP, 5.5 second 0-60, twin-turbo diesel, huge torque and pretty much flat delivery through the whole range, rear-wheel drive, compact and nippy and easy to park, enough boot space with the seats down to fit a good amount of stuff.

Had it for 10 years, have zero reason to replace it.


Ford F-150 for me…with the ecoboost v6 :grinning:. Never thought I’d be a truck person but we’ve used it to tow everything from jetskis to our camper. Also I live in the country so I fit in with the locals :rofl:.

Used to have a Toyota Highlander and I loved that thing…


I agree, It makes me sad Saab doesn’t exist (unless you’re in the market for a bazooka or something). Atleast plenty of enthusiasts keeping them on the roads!

I must admit I don’t know much about trucks and vans. My all-time favorite cars would probably be Volvo 240, Volvo 740, All Saabs, Nissan Silvias (especially S13), Toyota Starlet Turbo and tbh anything JDM from before the millennium! I really really want to see and try the GR Yaris tho. Wow.

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Whatever my uber driver drives :slight_smile:


My favorite Volvo is 142. Maybe with a V8 in? :wink:

I my opinion you have one of the last really good BMWs hehe, so why change it? :smile: really like the e30, e46, e92 (awesome cars!!), one time I sat in a really really modern BMW, and it didn’t feel half as raw as some of the older ones. You don’t feel like you’re driving as much in the new ones. Also, too many electronics hehe

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240 with a T5 from the 850 for me :wink: (or even better, b23 Saab engine - red DI)

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Citroëns, but actually only the big ones with green fluid in their blood vessels. (Hydro-pneumatic)

My first car was a Volvo though, this one…




Can’t find any pics right now (!) - but a 2011 Subaru Legacy 2.5GT is my current ride. Innocent looking sedan… but 265hp and lots of turbo torque make stirring the stick fun!

I tend to alternate cars and pickups, the trucks because I need to not get tickets for awhile after owning a car (Austin Mini (orig), modded Capri (German), Toyota Supra, Acura Integra (and a later GSR) - you get the idea.


That steering wheel somehow looks wrong for Scotland… :thinking:

JCW though. :yum:

It is. I yanked it from t’internet. Don’t have a pic of just the steering wheel…!

This image from a club run last summer when freedom of movement hadn’t been made illegal.



I follow you completely. The 9-5 is quiet pedestrian and innocent looking too, I think. A sleeper!

I let myself be driven: