What DM do you use and (if available) what theme?

I personally switch between GDM and LightDM, I only just started using GDM but I think its default look is pretty clean. With LightDM I use the lightdm-webkit-theme-aether. Looks clean

LightDM + Slickgreeter when I first started using EndeavourOS.
Reason: Low memory usage and reasonably fast.

Ditched DMs altogether when I moved to Arch in favor of plain TTY login.

  1. I no longer see any practical value in using DMs other than visual appeal and fluff.
  2. Less easy to integrate the startup scripts that I wrote. If the scripts needs to be run before the display server starts, you’ll have to tweak the DM’s config file. For instance, for lightdm, you’ll have to specify the path of the script under session-setup-script in lightdm.conf. This is simply a PITA for me. With tty login, I can just write one script that does everything I need to do and then run it from the command line.
  3. The DM is one more moving part of the system, which increases the likelihood of failure.
  4. Bloat.

We do not need more random what DE/DM threads was this not clear already? :rofl:

The only good info about DMs: use what ever the DE suggesting. (Point)