What changed?

Hi, used this distro few months back and it had most basic software already setup or not so different from other distros to get going but I just installed it again and it’s very barebone, which isn’t a bad thing but I broke the system twice trying to install basic things…

Just wondering if anything has recently changed or am I tripping?

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It always has been a barebones install.
What did you install in order to break the system?


Must have been tripping so much last time I’ve used it that I had the skill to get it working :slight_smile:

I installed Nvidia drivers through pamac and the system hang at boot.

Have a look here how to properly setup your NVIDIA drivers (I don’t use pamac and never will and don’t have a NVIDIA card so not too sure on the process)



Thanks! Won’t reinstall pamac this time and try stick to terminal.

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To avoid pamac and get involved with the terminal, I recommend pacseek.



Glad to see this helped you

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