What can I do to make KDE use less battery?

I need my laptop to last a minimum of 2 hours, whilst on power saving mode and on the lowest brightness level.

I have a laptop that has a bit of a crappy battery. So it will usually last about an hour or so, depending on what I’m doing. And at the moment I’m unable to get a new battery for it, so I have to look at other options aside from getting a new battery for now.

I’ve been using GNOME for a while now, and I’ve seen that it lasts about 1 hour (sometimes 30 mins) on Balanced power mode and the maximum brightness level.
I’ve also seen that it lasts about 1 hour 40 minutes (sometimes 1 hour 20 minutes) on the lowest brightness level, and on Power Saver mode.

I used KDE one time, doing the same things that I did when using GNOME and found that it lasts 1 hour on the lowest brightness level and on power saving mode.

While I can see that GNOME is works better in my case, but I really like KDE, so I would also like to know if there’s anything I could change on KDE that could hopefully make it last longer, since I need it to last up to 2 hours.


Read this post and see if it can help you.
From the forum post:

" These settings are severe and can increase the battery life up to 2 hours at the cost of high performance , but your mileage might vary depending on your system configuration."



Most important thing 1) remove any built in power profiles type demon. Pure garbage. 2) install tlp and primarily turn off turbo on battery. 3) turn off Bluetooth on battery unless you are using it. 4) do what you are already doing. 5) experiment with the tlp settings and see what happens. You can often squeeze out even more life.

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