What browser do you use?

It’s a comparison of browsers “out of the box”, nothing weird to find Brave and Librewolf where they are, their default configuration/features are very good.

Just put it here if someone feels like joining the discussion and provide more input.

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caveat: I like and use Brave. And Firefox, Chrome and sometimes chromium.

Brave has probably several dozen more developers on staff than any other privacy focused browser. Obviously they can cover ground quicker and add new privacy functionality faster. Likely before the web site owner joined the Brave company, any public mention of new functionality would get a test created and added to the suite.

Brave was able to do 3 releases just last week, across all/most of their platforms. I was getting tired of upgrading over the weekend. Another?

Some earlier have said Brave’s past has been creepy or questionable. Yes, so has Mozilla/Firefox’s past with some questionable calls. Everyone and every company has some skeletons in the closet. Even GNU/FSF has had some controversy - and that code is in your bin directories.

Which browser comes down to a personal choice and on a few dimensions.

Safe and private surfing!

I love the discussions here. I use to use The Password Store long ago. Couldn’t resist to give it another go. So installed librewolf, pass, passff, pass-import and off I go!

Edit: Well all is well on Linux but cannot install the app on Android Pixel 7a . . . sadness . . .

I almost want to say I use Vimium…

Primary Vivaldi.
Qutebrowser for several monitoring pages.
Mullvad for throw away web browsing
Tor Browser if I am feeling especially paranoid that day.

I tried to move to Firefox/Librewolf as primary, but it’s just too dumbed down to be useful. It’s like an AppleOS.

Seeing the number of browsers you have installed makes me not feel so bad; though I still have one extra. But either way, I don’t feel so bad. :sweat_smile:

I have FF-dev as my daily driver for private profile and sadly (not really) my public profile.

  • This is only because I accidentally imported my regular FF profile into FF-dev. Reimorting it to FF may corrupt the profile, so now my regular FF is just installed and unused. :man_shrugging:t5:

A user in this thread mentioned an FF-based browser called ‘Floorp’ that I installed a recently mostly for testing purposes. I will probably keep it for a while as I have been messing around with the about:config settings in it to see exactly what FF can do. Never really tested any browser in this way before.

Aside from those three FF browsers, I also have Brave and Brave-dev. Regular Brave is for work and Brave-dev is for when sites don’t like FF. The chromium profile switcher is much easier, so I use it for both my private and public profiles in Brave-dev, when necessary.

That being said, I will eventually just have one FF-based browser and one chromium-based browser, and just use profiles the way they were intended - as opposed to having a different browser for everything.

EDIT: Just uninstalled both regular Brave and regular FF. Now down to FF-dev, Brave-dev, and the temporary Floorp install.

Firefox for me as well. If I must use a Chromium based browser, I go with Vivaldi.

Firefox is my default.
Chromium if Firefox isn’t working.

I have UBlock Origin, XBrowserSync, SponsorBlock, and Bitwarden installed on both browsers.

I was on the Temporary Containers GitHub page earlier today trying to see if anyone else has a certain issue I have run into (with address bar search > open in new temp container, the search query is not forwarded), when I discovered the very sad news that the TC maintainer passed away in February.

Hopefully someone does decide to fork it and keep it going, it really is a great extension.

Rest in peace @stoically, thank you and best wishes to your family and friends.


Temporary containers is one of the best browser extension in existence. It saddens me greatly to hear that such a brilliant developer passed away. Looking at his github account, he did some excellent work, he was obviously very intelligent and hardworking. What a great loss this is for FOSS…


I use mullvad browser. Its pretty much FF but anonymized out of the box.

It ain’t. Anonymization requires far more than just a browser. And without TOR or freenet project it will never be achieved.

Just came across this, never tried it.

I’ve been using Firefox since it was released in 2004. I also use chromium as a back up on linux. Not really interested in any others although i have tried Opera and Vivaldi and Chrome over the years but always stuck with Firefox because i never have any issues with it.


Firefox when I can, Chromium if I must…

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I have used floorp a bit. It is basically Firefox ESR with a few nice qualify of life features added on.


Going to try it in one of my VMs soon as I get a chance.

Edit: Glad I took it for a ride, going to play with this for a while now it’s set up the way I want.


I have just installed Floorp for testing. With a few customizations like ublockorigin, and also in the settings, this is a very serious browser. At some point I’ll install the arkenfox userjs and see what I break with it :sweat_smile:


We are on the same schedule. I just installed Floorp a couple days ago and so far I’m pretty impressed.


I love Floorp so far.

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