What bootloader does EndeavourOS ARM use? UBoot?

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Just looking to confirm which bootloader EndeavourOS ARM uses. Is it Uboot?

Is there a way I find out which version of UBoot is installed?

If I do a pacman search for uboot I can see there is a package alarm/uboot-raspberrypi 2021.04-1 but it does not show as installed. Also, the latest version of UBoot available is 2022.10.



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Archlinux ARM offers two kernels for the RPi 4.
“linux-aarch64” which they call “AArch64 multi-platform”. This is the kernel you get if you download their image


They use “uboot-raspberrypi” for the bootloader as mentioned in the OP.

The other kernel that Archlinux ARM provides is “linux-rpi” which is called “RPi Foundation patched Linux kernel and modules”

Here at EnOS, we start with the Archlinux ARM provided image with the “linux-aarch64” kernel. Then we make an image that is used in EnOS. During this process, the “linux-aarch64” kernel is switched out with the “linux-rpi” kernel" and “uboot-raspberrypi” is replaced with

pacman -Q | grep rasp
firmware-raspberrypi 20221027-1
raspberrypi-bootloader 20221021-1
raspberrypi-firmware 20221019-1

In addition to the kernel and uboot swap, we then add a list of packages that provides a good base for adding a Desktop Manager or Window Manager. Then Calamares is added to the image. This is the image we present to the user.

After installing this image on a uSD or USB SSD, then the first boot loads in openbox and calamares and runs calamares. The user then sets the Time Zone, language, keyboard type, DE or WM, user name, hostname, and passwords. When this is finished, the second reboot yields your full blown EnOS install with your choice of DE or WM.


Thank you.

All great information.

I’m trying to narrow down an issue I am having booting to a USB SSD. It is partially booting but then stops shortly after mounting the file system and gives me a black screen.

This is what is showing up in the journal.


Are you able to assist? Does anything stand out from the that journal?



Did this boot properly at one time but is now broke? Or has this never booted after install?

If you install to a uSD does it boot properly?

If the USB SSD has never booted properly, but a uSD does, you probably need to update your onboard EEPROM. See here


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