What awesome project have you built with EndeavourOS?

At the end of last year I needed to build a CCTV capture machine for a client. I had built these in the distant past using Zoneminder, on Mandrake (yeah, ancient). So I went about the task of building the hardware first; a Ryzen 7-3700x, with 16GB RAM on a MSI B450, and with RAID-1 4TB hdds and a system drive of 120GB nvme. EndeavourOS was the only OS that would work on this machine; all other Linux versions I tried would lock solid at various stages just trying to get the install rolling!
So with EndeavourOS installed, and happy that it worked beautifully, I set about setting up Zoneminder. Save yourself the grief. Don’t. Use Motioneye instead; it works, it’s fast, and user-friendly ( great when the client has to use it and is over 70).
TLDR; I built a really fast CCTV DVR box that captures 3 5mp IP cameras at 25fps.

What have you done?