What are your top 5 distros?

This is the way. My man’s got the right idea of practicality :+1:

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On Ventoy:

  1. EOS
  2. Slackware
  3. Artix
  4. LMDE
  5. Tails (not that I use this “on a new device.”)

. Arch

Arch / EndeavourOS

While I’ve used Zorin, Linux Mint, Dr460nized Garuda, XeroLinux, Archcraft, and ArcoLinux, it’s really only…

  1. EndeavourOS (Budgie and Cinnamon).


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The Iron Core:

  • Arch: on my workstation
  • EOS: on the laptop
  • Raspbian: on the raspberry


  • fedora
  • debian
  • kali
  • plus some hopping for fun

It depends:

  • pro preferences debian for server and ubuntu mantic for my workstation and endeavour os for fun
  • perso preferences MX, edubuntu and endeavour os


EndeavourOS for everything now, including perfect gaming and all things media. The forum is simply the best of any distro I have used; friendly, helpful and no elitist twonks.
When I was still hopping around…
OpenSuse Tumbleweed
Garuda Dr460nized Gaming
… and countless others when I was in hyperhop mode. :nerd_face:


Distros are so similar nowadays I focus more on the DE. Why distrohop when you can install basically any DE through EndeavourOS? My top 5 are:

  1. EndeavourOS KDE
  2. EndeavourOS XFCE
  3. EndeavourOS Gnome
  4. Kubuntu
  5. Xubuntu
  1. Debian Stable
  2. EndeavourOS
  3. OpenSUSE Tumbleweed
  4. KDE Neon
  5. Q4OS Trinity
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#1 Mandrake
#2 Mepis
#3 Endeavour
#4 Debian
#5 Arco

Since 1 and 2 are no longer around Endeavour it is :slight_smile:)

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Well my secondary laptop have some issue with kernel panic and freez because Huawei doesn’t made good bios so I was a distro hoping for a while tryin’ find a more stable distro for this notebook, that my top 5:
1 EOS KDE (on my primary laptop Dell Latitude 3420)
2 Garuda KDE Lite version (on my secondary laptop Huawei Matebook 14 AMD)
3 Debian Testing KDE
4 Opensuse Tumbleweed KDE
5 Mint LMDE when I don’t want living on the edge :smile:
Special mention for MX Linux but in the past and OpenMandriva that is a realy nice distro, Fedora is good too but IMHO is a gnome distro more than a kde distro and I love KDE so …not my favourite distro

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I installed once and liked ARCO, but their website(s) are such a HUGE mess, I never found what I was looking for… Never tried it again :frowning:


I really loved Mepis! Samba shares used to work perfectly OOB!

  1. EnOS
  2. Arch
  3. Rocky
  4. Kali
  5. FreeBSD


  1. Debian (stable)
  2. EndeavorOS


  1. Endeavour
  2. Debian
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It isn’t the easiest to browse, I’ll admit. But (to me) it is an excellent distro and I have learned a lot in reading its nebulous trails. This is such a tough post to categorize. All of these choices have strong points (for me).

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He really is. Like so many in the Linux community, he is a very hard worker and a terrific instructor who want to help. I am grateful to him (and several in the Endeavour forum)!