What are you doing home at this difficult time?

How tired I am of staying home because of this virus…
Although there’s permission to move in my car.
Due to the fact that my health makes itself felt (no, it’s not a virus, just congenital anomalies), I decided to get rid of my electro scooter. Because my doctors recommend more movement.
So I ordered myself a bike.) I like it :slight_smile:
My wife’s bicycle, which I have now, decided to give to girl an acquaintance (a poor family who lost their breadwinner prematurely). She will be happy, and this is good!
And the wife has ordered a new bicycle :slight_smile:
This time decided to support the domestic manufacturer, and so himself and my wife chose Stels bikes. Surprisingly, for these bikes absolutely not ashamed :slight_smile: Excellent manufacturing quality, aluminum frames, disc brakes, adequate equipment from Shimano (absolutely sufficient for a quiet ride), installed industrial bearings.

I love to be engaged with technics, therefore the bicycle has collected itself, all has adjusted and it is ready to leave.
Tomorrow my wife’s bike will be delivered, and it will be assembled and adjusted.
I think we can try them on the weekends.Of course, with respect for social distance and precautions - near the forest, where no one is now.
That’s how I came up with this kind of entertainment to keep myself busy :slight_smile:

Take care of yourself. We’re stronger than the virus anyway :slight_smile:


Right now I’m reading all the Deepin 20 Fail threads on various forums. Probably not the best thing to digest at 7 A.M. :wink:



Yes… 7 am is a very difficult time for me :slight_smile: I do not like to get up early :slight_smile:

I’ve been home for 8 weeks now stuck here. Only out when necessary. We can’t get masks anywhere in Canada. It’s almost impossible or if you find some you are getting ripped off. I am not back working and i honestly don’t know how they are going to be able to do this in the school system with kids. It is impossible to social distance in that environment. I too would like to get out on the mountain bike i got last year but the weather here has been a cold spell again with snow and frost. It is unseasonably cold here! Weather is strange. Nice bikes.


I am doing all the same things as before, except from within the house. :smile:

In all seriousness, I have everything I need at home. I am working remotely and I have an endless supply of hobbies that can be done from inside the house. With the exception of the fact that it can sometimes be hard to get the things I need, my quality of life is actually quite a bit higher since this whole thing hit.

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At home!?

I’m busy working my ass off due to Covid related layoffs right now. People where I live seems to have forgotten about the pandemic and they are hungry for sure. :slight_smile:


It’s nice! But it’s more about the walls of your house being too narrow… :slight_smile:

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It is all a matter of perspective.

Even before this all happened, I was spending most of free time inside the house. I am the type that generally prefers to be in my own space. At this point in my life, I am neither a socialite nor an outdoor explorer.

On top of that, I am lucky enough to live in a place where housing is fairly spacious. If I was trapped in 80m2 apartment I would probably feel differently.

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Now it’s hurt…

I’m just kidding :slight_smile:


Nice looking bike(s)! I can’t say I’d ever heard of them before, but a quality build always works out well…

As for what I do… well Amazon is doing alright from me, what with Kindle books, and some things that aren’t so easy to get around here. After all, computer stores aren’t essential! I just got myself a new keyboard I’m trying to get used to, so don’t mind the typos! Other than that, a bit of conky coding, a bit of lua coding to support the conkys, a bit of scripting to support the conky AND the lua - and the most important things of all (I’m informed) - feed the cat!

If we ever get any decent weather, I’ll be out trying the bike myself - but I don’t know how far I’ll get…


Absolutely! Kindle now allows you to immerse yourself in a world of favorite books… :blush:

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Little levity in this difficult time. Little back story. Went to see this when it was new with my parents. It was my mother’s idea :joy: She did not research it beforehand :sweat_smile: I don’t think I ever laughed so hard…



You did good! If you’re intend to use your bike intensively, as far as time permits, you will feel the beneficial effect in short term, and it the long run, say, it will preserve you. :wink:
The bike you have chosen is nice, altough not my type ( I prefer trekking and road bikes).
Personally, one of the worst things is lack of movement… Quite long and fast routes are what I adore, but unfortunately, what is happening now is rather depressing.


Thank you :slight_smile:
I will try :slight_smile:

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