What are the locations where application launchers are stored?

Wasn’t sure where this would fit so posting here. Was wondering if anyone could list the various places in Arch based distros where application launches are stored. I’m in the process of installing all my programs and want to know where in my other Arch based OS that I can’t boot into right now, but can access the file system. I’d like to know so I can browser those locations to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything that I actually want installed. Thanks

It is configurable using these specifications:

The most common locations are ~/.local/share/applications and /usr/share/applications


COOL I’ll check out those two locations. Thanks

Don’t forget the /opt directory

[onyx@onyx-pc pos]$ ls /opt
android-studio  epson-inkjet-printer-201115w  google  komodo-edit  motioneye  Temps  viber  vivaldi