What are Realtime-Privileges used for in the Arch Linux Repository?

Hi. What is the use of Realtime-Privileges for? when I haven’t installed Realtime-Privileges easyeffects sometimes it takes 10% to 20% CPU usage and sometimes the program exits by itself after some time listening to music. After I install Realtime-privileges CPU usage drops to 1% to 2% and rarely the program exits by itself.
The problem is: When Realtime-Privileges is installed the sound is different. from the start the sound is muffled and the bass is decent. Now that I have installed Realtime-Privileges the sound is clear, the bass is standard and sometimes makes me uncomfortable because the treble sound is too dominant when using a headset.
Easyeffects presets I use: Bass Enhancing + Perfect EQ.

It’s a pro-audio thing which allows higher priority for audio / video processes…


That’s probably your imagination :laughing:
Has nothing to do with quality of sound itself, just allows to avoid drop-outs and crackles caused by overload in some cases.


This is placebo

RT won’t change how the audio is processed assuming you didn’t change settings. It would only ensure a minimum latency based on your setup.

RT for audio is just for pushing latencies low and ensuring audio gets the highest possible priority.


Thanks for the explanation. Very helpful.

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