What application have you recently discovered?

Glad to meet another old bookworm.
So, it is worth it getting the Kobbo stylus pack? (because of screen size +10", I think less than this would be horrible for me. I tried reading on my iPhone 11 pro max landscape… was too small for me)

I have Kobo Libra H2O, roughly equivalent to:
Kobo Libra 2 | Rakuten Kobo eReader Store United Kingdom (kobobooks.com)
They do not seem to sell the h20 any more so no idea about the stylus - but the price looks hefty!


Yes… it is mainly about convenience. As I said, I have already paid a fortune to airlines.

You just added another point that suits an old man like me. Hopefully it reflows smoothly and does not look funny.

Same, but it depends on the book or research I am reading. Sometimes I can read a 300 page book in 2 or 3 hrs. Sometimes I read an 8 page paper in a week!

What I care is the screen size.
My experience anything less than 10 inch a bit irritates me.

You are like convincing me go for that Kobo above!
One more post from you or @xircon I will order it!

You can just make the font bigger :smiley:

My kobo is the same size as a small book.

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Lol :laughing:

Each to his own. I just like real books. The smell, the feel and that I own it and nobody can change anything. Of course it depends on where you buy your ebooks and if you have a local copy. I own at least one book that has been censored some time after publication. Even if you would have bought the uncensored version from amazon, as soon as you have to redownload you would only be able to get the censored version.

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Yes… it is expensive unfortunately. I dont mind they take out the stylus and the sleeve and make it half price. But it is the screen size I am after.
Yesterday I saw a Lenovo 2 in 1 laptop that has 2 screens, the normal one and the outside one is eink.
Still need to study it further.
I found it in my history

Looks so sexy but EXPENSIVE

Same, as I mentioned I have lived the majority of my life with “real” books. they are a pleasure to hold and feel. You know what, just yesterday I was thinking of physically printing the PDF I was reading to have this feeling.

I prefer having a real PDF on my laptop or cloud storage!
Most of what I read are like research and papers… available on some websites. FREE!

Just to share with you and hope it is interesting https://www.pdfdrive.com/
I wish I can find more sources.

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If you like to read scientific papers then there’s science hub.


Thank you very much @NX-01
I am on the website now.

Hi all,
Hi @xircon
I received my Kindle Oasis – With 7” https://www.amazon.com/All-new-Kindle-Oasis-now-with-adjustable-warm-light/dp/B07F7TLZF4
like 48 hours ago. I couldn’t resist.
To my surprise the 7" size is OK with me.
This is my first ever ebook reader and enjoying it. (not much complains). Enjoying the feature of emailing my books, papers, PDFs to get get it converted and downloaded to my Kindle.

Just curious, would the PDFs I emailed for conversion remain there with amazon? If I lost my Kindle and bought a new one, can I still use same account and get my documents back on the new Kindle? How long is it stored there? What is the storage size? (I can remove from my device ONLY but not from my account as far as I understand)

Any hints appreciated.

You have the same device I have. I love that thing.

However, I keep mine disconnected from Amazon so I can’t really answer your questions.

Also, it seems we are trending deeply off-topic at this point. Might be better for a separate topic in the lounge.

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I will take this as a complement and assurance I made the right choice.

Sorry. just the flow of “chat”/conversation.

I just realised that pdfjam, which I use only for Nup printing, also has scale and offset capabilities:

                  Specify options to '\includepdfmerge', in the LaTeX
                  'pdfpages' package.  Here KEY is the name of any of the
                  many options for '\includepdfmerge', and VALUE is a
                  corresponding value.  Examples are
                      --nup 2x1     (for 2-up side-by-side imposition)
                      --scale 0.7   (to scale all input pages to 70% size)
                      --offset '1cm 0.5cm'
                                    (to offset all pages -- note the quotes!)
                      --frame true  (to put a frame round each input page)
                      --trim '1cm 2cm 1cm 2cm' --clip true
                                    (to trim those amounts from left, bottom,
                                     right and top, respectively, of input 
                  etc., etc.  For more information see the manual for
                  the 'pdfpages' package, at

Since pdfjam is part of texlive-core (being a front-end for a LaTeX package) and not relegated to the AUR, it’s a more reliable / better-supported way to do that. I’m not going to change my existing scripts, but it’s something to keep in mind if one wants to minimize one’s dependence upon the AUR.

That said texlive-core is much larger at ~ 400 MiB. In my case it’s always installed on all my systems, but YMMV.

Now I just need to talk someone into installing it in order to be able to try it out :wink: :sweat_smile:

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That’s interesting and not only is it available on your phone you can install it for CLI… I’m might need to give this a try.

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Umbrello—a UML Modeller from the KDE software suite.


restic is an excellent command line backup utility and, more to the point, has excellent documentation.

One command (run once) sets up the external drive:

restic --repo <drive> init

One command backs up my home folder and subfolders (verbose 2 writes a detailed log, one line per file backed up or skipped):

restic --repo <drive> --verbose=2 backup ~

One command verifies the integrity of the backup:

restic --repo <drive> check

All encrypted and password protected (of course!)


Lets try. Just installed it with empty contact list :laughing:

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I’m on! :speech_balloon:

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How can I connect to a QR code via CLI? Perhaps we should start a separate thread for this?