What a great day, what a great honor!

Today I joined the Dev ISO tester group.

I am glad to be able to be more involved in the project and to contribute to the development of EndeavourOS and also to the community that I have come to love.

I want to thank all the devs and everybody else involved , in one way or another, in the project for making this OS the great system it is and also for making this forum such a fun, pleasant and educational place.

I have another equally great reason to be happy today!
After years of all sort of shenanigans, today I finally received my official badge of honor.


Thank you all!
And a special thank you to @joekamprad :wink: :smile:

Promise to be more cautious with that sudo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No way, me too! Did you have to bride half the dev team with free downloadable RAM too? :smile: :+1:

Jokes aside, I’ve always felt a little bit like a fly on the wall since I don’t really know much coding, so I’ve always felt at a bit of a loss in terms of contributions. But being part of the Dev ISO Testing feels great because I’m able to contribute and now give back to the community that’s helped me out so much this last year, even if it’s in my own small way. I’m beyond grateful for many users (& devs!) here and also being a part of something is always a good sense of purpose to have.

Oddly enough, when you check a thesaurus for “sense of purpose” one of the other words is endeavour! :enos:


No. All of them!
You, half of them?
I want half of the downloadable RAM back!!

What you say, express quite exactly how I feel as well. I don’t know coding either so I can’t be that useful to the project in that area.

I try best I can to be active on the forum and to get involved in threads where I can contribute somehow to, if not finding the solution, at least to narrow down things a bit and move forward towards a solution. Many times I have to look things up and do a bit of reading the manuals and the Wiki. So I’ll benefit from this as well enlarging a little bit at a time my general knowledge about Linux.

That’s great to know!
So let’s all endeavour to take this ship to all the beautiful spots of the universe!
:rocket: :milky_way:


Welcome to the testing club.



Joining a club reminds of this:


But happy to join this club!

I’m sure St. Peter will acknowledge this when y’all arrive at the Pearly Gates during the end-of-days…



It seems many of us share this sentiment.
:enos: is my first Linux distro and needless to say the awesomeness of this community kept me around more than anything. Almost everything I’ve learn about Linux is through this community.
I was also at a loss about how to contribute to the distro before I started doing some testing for ARM and then contributing to the code base.

It is nice to have a positive community that wants to give back to the distro.
:enos: :enos_flag:


Do they use EnOS as well up there?

Well, they should if they want to have a reliable system to keep track of all the goods and evils of all the creatures since the Dawn of Time.

Me thinks they use Arch, strictly… although among some low-level scavenger-angels there appears to be some incline for F36. How the hell could that ever happen?!

Don’t think so… Arch is transitory by nature and bound to passage of time.
Being Timeless they surely use an Immutable system.

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So what you’re saying is, they’ve kept using Fedora all throughout the Eons?


Limited beings as we are, it’s beyond us to have any certain knowledge thereof :innocent:


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Mere mortals we are, you say? - I ok that, ayup!

I’ve learnt more here in the last few months than I have the last 18 or so years since I first started using Linux,.



It has been revealed to me in a dream that they use the GNU Hurd. I was quite shocked, because I expected TempleOS, the only logical heavenly OS, but Terry was there, too, and he managed to finish the GNU Hurd and implement it in HolyC. The desktop environment it runs is in glorious 640×480, 16 colours, of course.

Oh, Finally!

My prayers, through all these years long of sleepless nights, wandering about like a blind in the Vale of Tears, has been heard!

A revelation!
A prophet has been bestowed upon us! A prophet in the shape of a frog!
A :frog: Prophet!!

Despair not my torn an broken companions of Distroseekers! Rest assured, when that blessed day finally arrives, we all going to be one happy herd of the GNU/Hurd for all eternity!