What a friend told me-- [Plasma 6 Question]

Usually anything KDE has no interest to me, but for some reason I want to explore (tinker with) Plasma 6 to see what all the hub-bub is.
I have a spot on a partition for it.

I have two HDD’s (old school) and my friend told me they won’t do justice to the, I quote, “Plasma 6 experience—you can only enjoy it with an SSD.”

Is he right, that I’d be wasting my time tinkering with P6 on an HDD?
Or is he plain wrong, it’s the same experience?

thanks for any insights.

He is plain wrong. :frog:

Obviously, performance of every software that reads or writes to filesystem is better on SSD than on HDD. There is nothing specific about Plasma 6 in that regard.

Plasma 6 is completely usable on an HDD.


Indeed he was referring to performance & responsiveness etc. thanks for the reply.