Welcome launcher without xwayland?

Hello there,

I disabled xwayland in the sway config and if I start f.e. eos-arch-news
via command line I get this error now:

Gtk-WARNING **: 13:24:38.585: cannot open display:

is it possible configure the welcome launcher to run without xwayland?

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Does command

firefox https://archlinux.org/news

work as expected?

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yes, it does.

Also a lot of other programs are working.

Does eos-arch-news work now?


but eos-welcome --once still shows no window. sadly.

Can you show the exact output of that command?
Depending on the speed of your machine, Welcome may take some time to start.

Note that the underlying yad tool of Welcome has some known problems with wayland. To find more info about this issue, can you also show the latest journal with command

eos-log-tool -j

Note: you may want to check the journal output first before sharing it to a pastebin. You can do so by clicking the Save button first. If you are OK with the contents, run the command again, Share the logs, and show the returned URL here.

if i run eos-log-tool -j after eos-welcome --once the shown output is:

(yad:40644): Gtk-WARNING **: 12:21:08.345: cannot open display:

So wayland is not compatible with yad and thus welcome and some other EOS GUI apps.
Is there any problem running then when xwayland is installed?

yeah, I found this post from github. So it looks like native wayland will take some time in yad.

I will switch back to xwayland and will try again another time. Thanks a lot.

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