Welcome Artists to EndeavourOS

Hello folks, seeing as i generally dont do things like have a blog or any real reach due to my aversion to social media i think this is the best place to put this.

Ive participated in discussion related to certain events regarding X11 and one thing has become very clear in a number of communities is that Artists needs are not generally of concern. If you do 3D or Audio youre largely ok, but painting/drawing,graphic design, etc. are largely it seems unimportant to certain distros and a fair number of people in the overall linux community.

That said, while Im not a user of EOS these days I want to say that I do believe this is the community for you folks looking for a new home. The folks around here are helpful and an Arch based distro isnt likely to pull the rug out from under you on the tools you need to do your work that far too many take for granted.

Artists, you are welcome here and we all appreciate what you do. Im someone who has on a number of occasions defended Waylands merits around here and other places cannot reasonably agree with certain decisions and responses to it i have seen around lately.

I hope your google,duckduckgo,bing,searx, etc. search leads you to arriving here. Join this community and i think that most folks around here can agree they would be happy to have you.


Wayland is simply not ready for the majority of advanced use cases, not just for artists, but also for people who like UI automation. If you are a graphical artist who is interested in doing serious printing and wants a correctly calibrated monitor, do yourself a favour and use X11. If you want a correctly tuned tablet with pressure sensitivity, the same thing is true.

Unfortunately, that means you will not be able to use Fedora, but EndeavourOS welcomes you.

X11 is not dead, contrary to what people aggressively pushing Wayland tell you.


I highly doubt 99% of artists have any idea what’s X11 or Wayland.
Not to say I personally didn’t yet meet a one that could install OS on his own.

There are plenty on that forum already :wink:

I mean personally in real life, through the web I of course met plenty of them, but it’s still very small minority.

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