Welcome and a few questions

Hello, I’m new-to-be user of this distro. Just downloaded and wanted to test it. In the meantime, could you please answer some of my questions?
So, here I go!

  1. I don’t have much linux experience, I’ve only used a little bit of ubuntu in my middle school and a week worth of distrohopping. I like tinkering and I’m a fast learner (I couldn’t tell how many times I’ve broke windows because I wanted to just mess around in settings :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: ). Do you think arch based distros are good for such noob? Is endeavour good to start my arch (and linux) adventure, and if not, what else do you suggest?

  2. How is it with different coding languages? I’ll soon start my python adventure and I was curious how good this OS is tailored to it? Will I run in any problems or is it as trouble-free as on windows?

And to be honest that’s all for now. See you in a few minutes after (hopefully) succesfull instalation


Welcome to the forums!

If you enjoy tinkering and exploring, an Arch-based distro and specifically EndeavourOS is a great place to start! The people who tend to struggle with an Arch-based distro are often those who are either entrenched into an existing Linux methodology or those who don’t really want to learn and just want something that “just works” without needing to understand it.

This is a tough one to answer due to it’s phrasing. First Linux is a great for programming in most languages. Of course, Windows-specific toolsets can be challenging. But other than that there are lots of tools and support for almost every language. Certainly, Python is especially well supported on Linux.

As for whether or not it as easy as Windows is hard to answer. For some languages there is going to be a lot of Windows specific tutorials out there. For some languages the opposite is true.

  1. Yes. It will feel strange at first, and doing simple tasks might feel cumbersome and complicated (simply because you’re used to doing them differently). But if you’re persistent (and do not dual boot with Windows), you’ll get used to it in no time. Remember, doing stuff on Windows is not easier, just different.

  2. Pretty much any Linux distro is a heaven for programming. Unless you’re using a garbage language like C# or .net framework. :rofl:

Welcome! Remember to read the forum often and ask intelligent questions – that will surely make your transition to Linux much easier and more fun.


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Welcome to EndeavourOS

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Welcome @Alter


A warm welcome - I don’t have any other comments to add to the already excellent responses, enjoy your journey :slight_smile:


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Welcome! Enjoy your time here!


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Came in here myself as a total noob…

… and who am I kidding? I still am a noob… :sweat_smile:

But like you I like to tinker, and I’d like to believe I’m a fast learner, and so far EndeavourOS (or Arch-based in general) has been going good for me.

There’s a lot of smart people in here that are always willing to help, and Arch has insane good documention too


Welcome to the forum @Alter :partying_face: :tada: :balloon:

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Hello! :wave:

You’ve got a huge selection of packages (repo + aur) so there won’t be any struggle. I use Endeavour and do Flutter/Dart app dev, basic web dev, python projects, C/C++, learning Qt6 etc etc. Never had an “Issue”.

The reason I decided to switch to Linux full time was that I couldn’t set up dev tools on Windows. On Linux distro, everything magically seems to work. That should give you enough confidence. Python is well supported on Arch - and probably in every mainstream distro. You’ll find the popular libraries in Arch repo. You also got pip if you want to use that.

That being said, many tutorials on the web are with reference to Ubuntu. That shouldn’t make a difference, but if the package has breaking changes with version updates, you can run into problems since Arch gets latest packages. Now, the only time this happened with me was when I was trying to set up Jekyll. One of the dependencies required ruby2.7, but Arch gives ruby 3. So I installed the ruby2,7 package and symlinked ruby to ruby2,7. Fixed!

99.99% of the times you won’t have any unfixable problems.


One thing…you could say there’s almost nothing that is so broken that it can’t be fixed (unless you repartition/reformat and a few other things).
Unlike Windows where you save time by just reloading a fresh copy vs poking around to fix something.
It’s a different world.


Once a window is broke you have to replace it! :wink:


Especially if that window is broken by design :grin:


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