Weird frame issue with dxvk

Hello everybody!

I have a weird frame issue with dxvk, basically the game with steam proton/lutris works fine at 60 fps, but if I try to run uncapped it runs at 65 fps with some weird and consistent stuttering (It’s like a heart beat on the frame-time graph). Does anyone know how to fix this?
As wine I’m using “Wine-GE” and on steam the GE proton build. Latest builds.

What I’ve tried so far :

  1. Disabling “TearFree” in the nvidia config
  2. Killing picom compositor (Also vsync is not enabled there)
  3. Manually uncapping dxvk fps
  4. Force disable dxvk vsync

P.S. Other games that don’t use dxvk work just fine
P.P.S. As specs I have 3700x and GTX 970 (nvidia latest proprietary drivers, zen kernel)

I have this any time i dont use VSync with games in DXVK, there is an awkward stuttering even though technically the frame times and frame rate are fine.

I wish i could tell you why this is but i usually use Vsync anyway and just disable it when testing what my max FPS is for tuning graphics settings.

Hmm, weird, but does your game runs at more than 65fps when uncapped? Like idk 100 and above

yeah mine do, i also run AMD hardware though not nvidia

I can only confirm the weird stuttering but the other issues youre seeing im really not sure.