Weird experience shrinking a partition using gparted

I shrank a partition (ext4) using gparted.

(don’t take the sizes too seriously, ballpark)


  1. NTFS 200GB (Primary)
  2. BTRFS 700GB (Primary)
  3. EXT4 900GB (Primary)


  1. NTFS 200GB (Primary)
  2. BTRFS 700GB (Primary)
  3. EXT4 500GB (Primary)
  4. EXT4 400GB (Primary)

I basically shrank partition #3 such that there is almost no free space left.

But when I open partition #3 in doublecmd it always shows free space is 0 no matter how many files I delete. But I kept on either moving or deleting files and eventually it did show some free space. I moved a couple of directories around 5GB and after the operation it showed 2.5 GB free space! Whew.

Yes, I did try fsck in the middle of all this and it said “all fine”.