Weird Behavior on one of my two displays (Plasma 6)

Like every one or two weeks I installed the latest updates on my EOS and this installed KDE Plasma 6.

On a first glance everything seemed fine but it appears that on one of my two displays has some weird issues in some applications like Brave, VS Code. If I type very fast the window of the browser flickers like crazy and if I move the mouse over some elements it also flickers. It also seems to lose keyboard inputs from time to time.

I tried to make a video of the behavior with OBS but the issue seems to “stop” when I have OBS open and recording.

Everything also works fine on my secondary display. I’m writing this post on the second display because it is very hard to do it on the “primary” one because of the flicker and the input issues.

Has someone an idea what that could be? Anything that I could attach to help with troubleshooting?

Have you tried logging into an X11 session to see if the issue still occurs there?


No, I haven’t tried it before but I tried it now. In the X11 session the issues don’t seem to appear.

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Looks like switching to X solved your issue. :+1:

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Yes, it does. So I guess before Plasma 6 I was running X11 by default and now Wayland is default?

Exactly! A lot of these Plasma 6 issues will turn up to be Wayland issues.

Yup, I expect there to be a few issues for a while around this sort of stuff.

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And KDE will get all the hate for, because they updated KDE… Man kan they never get a rest? :smiley:

Found some other people in the KDE discussions that have the same issue:

Apparently chrome-like apps need some additional configs to work on Wayland, that is why I had trouble with Brave and VS Code as they are both chromium based.

Not entirely undeserving…

I think it was a foolishly optimistic decision by the KDE team to make Wayland the default session at the same time as updating to Plasma 6. Not only is Plasma 6 new and full of issues, Wayland is old and full of issues. :rofl:

I think this could have been a smoother transition had they kept X as the default for the next few minor releases.


Using Wayland and have no issues even on Nvidia.

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I think it was a foolishly optimistic decision by the KDE team to make Wayland the default session at the same time as updating to Plasma 6

Actually the switch to plasma 6 is exactly the time to make such a meaningful upgrade.

As you wrote it yourself, wayland is already “old”, so it’s unlikely it’d get any better if everybody would just remain using x11.

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Presently, many users are experiencing the fustercluck that is Wayland for the very first time. Wayland will never get better, it does not have the potential to get better: it’s a ridiculous, flawed concept conceived by some very, very damaged, traumatised people (ex-X developers).

And Plasma has always been a total mess after every major release, that’s expected. It will get more polished as it matures.

Those two things combined, plus the fact that most users don’t know what issues are from Plasma and what issues are from Wayland, is a recipe for disaster, and we are seeing this in the number of “Plasma broken, help!” threads. It has only begun. :popcorn:

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!remindme 1y

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Year of Wayland desktop is the new Year of Linux desktop meme. Wayland developers had almost 20 years to see the errors of their ways. They haven’t. It’s unlikely they ever will.

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sure, bud

lmk when you have HDR and fractional scaling on x11

lmk when you have Xeyes on Wayland. :rofl:


Xeyes is dead along with X11. :rofl:

giphy-879549030 :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean, other than completely up to date rolling distros like Arch or openSUSE, you won’t really notice issues because by the time the other guys actually release plasma 6 many fixes will be fixed.