Website Idea: Include Mirrors Status for EndeavourOS Repos

Greetings lovely community,

I know the EndeavourOS team is busy working hard on the latest .iso release (wish y’all good luck and take all the time you need btw!), but I also had an idea that could possibly be considered in the future. Now I am not aware of any road map or timeline for EndeavourOS, so I don’t know if this has already been internally asked/discussed, but most distros that I have used have had a mirrors list status repository page on their website (i.e. synced/out of synced repo status). There is already the Arch mirrors repo status here: which is very useful for all the main Arch repos, but there is one lacking for the EndeavourOS repos I’ve noticed.

I dare say it may be worthwhile to include an EndeavourOS mirrors status repo page on the website at some point in the future. For myself, I would find it very useful (i.e. I’d check it at least once a week), but for the average user I am not sure how much or how little they may use it. So the work vs reward for it may or may not be of any true significance for the team. Nonetheless if the work to generate something like that and maintain it is minimal, I would find it a very welcoming addition to the website. I’ve got some examples below of a few distros that already do this for their repos. Now it’s my own humble opinion that this is not something that is mission critical by any means, so it’s exclusion wouldn’t be any kind of deal breaker, I simply think it’s an additional good resource to have, if it makes sense for the team. Thanks for reading and I appreciate any insight or feedback into the idea.

that is a dificult since we use mostly Arch repos :slight_smile:

our own repo is so small :slight_smile: if there is issues you dont feel it so hard…
but had the idea also but is not for the moment… must be efficient to …

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The mirrors are small enough, and few enough, and sync’d often enough, that I am not sure there would ever be anything of interest on such a page!

22 packages only do not make a huge dent in anything - in fact I run a mirror for it on the same old box I run another mirror - and the old box barely notices…


@ringo @freebird54 Yeah I kind of figured it might be a bit unnecessary since it is a rather small repo, but even though it is a small repo it is still nonetheless an essential repo to have in my opinion. Crucial packages I like to use include akm, downgrade, eos-hooks, eos-log-tool, grub-tools, welcome, and yay just to name a few. I wouldn’t consider it a major priority to do a mirrors repo status page, but I suppose if anyone ever wants to tackle it, it could be something that comes in handy possibly, if even it is just a small help. Thanks for the feedback though I appreciate it, thank you :slight_smile:

Yeah - it is small, but well-formed! In fact it regularly sneaks on to other builds (including Arch done the Arch way) because I miss the goodies!

I still think that the sync would move faster than the reporting, though! :grin:

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Thanks for the idea, I’m not promising that it will be here in the very near future, but it certainly is an idea to look into and develop further.

BTW: This isn’t a polite rejection, I know that in American and British culture this is the case saying this, where I’m from the answer does literally mean what it says. :wink:


No worries I completely understand. It is an idea I had and if it suits the needs of the devs and the community then that is totally up to the EndeavourOS team to decide of course. Personally I find it helpful, but it is by no means a necessity or a requirement, more like a nice little bonus feature really. Thanks for the input and feedback and I greatly appreciate your reply :wink: