Website development for power users

I’ve been thrown into web development as of recently.
I’m an absolute noob when it comes to web development, but I’m also a certified Asperger, so I realized I would never be satisfied without complete control and as long as I rely on sily interfaces. I literally spent hours over simple choices I can’t make. This is next level autism we’re talking. At least I’m aware it’s dumb.
So I choose jekyll.
But I’m still a noob.
Does someone has some experience with that, where to start ?
Can I upload my blogger site aspirated through httrack to keep the same look and then tweak the theme ?
Hard to do simpler than something like:

How do I do that with jekyll, which theme do you think is the closest

Design wise, could use a few more swastikas, so that the hate symbols balance themselves nicely.

Regarding your question…



It was a sun cross originally, I’m not sure you would have noticed it, but I felt cheeky today :rofl:
and you didn’t read the tagline, where I substituted “holocaust” for “holodomor” to annoy tankies. With more humor like this, people would not slaughter each others so often over senselss questions.

Thanks. I’ll read that, hoping I’ll find what I have in mind (posting texts in .md markdown files with other html files generated by a template, refering to them).

  1. Follow Mike Dane - full tutorial series.
    or you could…
  2. Subcontract the project out to someone who knows what they are doing.


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I have used hugo for simple websites. There are very nice themes and tuorials, support etc.

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The only way to get complete control would be to write the whole thing by hand yourself, and not use Jekyll and the likes. Of course, I don’t recommend that.

Jekyll docs

And browse source code for some existing Jekyll sites. The default themes provided are good to start off.

Just some HTML + CSS to recreate the look. Jekyll only builds the site i.e. plug in variables and templates. You can technically create any look as long as you know the basic tools (HTML + CSS; maybe JS)

Indeed. After sticking with Jekyll for a while, I drifted away. I settled with Zola, thought Hugo is nice too.

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meta: I feel I’m missing an animated emoji for this post. anything animated would be just right, really. like a dancing skeleton, or an exploding dinosaur.

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I followed a basic css and html course, but I couldn’t understand a damn thing to jekyll.Thank you guys for zola, it seems straightforward and does take you step by step on their website.
Are there many themes ? Though I would prefer a basic one I can tweak, given how limited my needs are.
On the opposite “fully featured” tools are wholly out of my league.

You may want to steer clear of the zola. It looks a little. . . less inclusive than your tastes.