Webcam not longer works

my built in webcam to my laptop stop working on every site and cheese webcam application. idk wtf to do? says it is not detected in all of them… it was working fine for over a year now… ummmm mind blown.

also there is this:


[fj@whitewolf ~]$ sudo dmesg | grep cam
[sudo] password for fj:
[ 1.914556] usb 3-1: Product: Integrated_Webcam_HD
[fj@whitewolf ~]$

i am not a linux advance user. even though i have used linux for years i am a pretty much profound retard when it comes to linux. i do the user friendly stuff well, ounce shit hits the fan… idk what i am doing. any help from an advance user or someone who just knows anything that could help i would be grateful.

PS: i use to use my webcam A LOT. even now i wanna go online and talk to people but i can’t. :-1:

cheese says this specifically: no supported camera found connect a webcam or other supported video deceive to take photos and video

OMG it worked! on:

so now i am even more confused

it does not work on omgcams

UPDATE: okay… so it just started working on there as well. SOLVED LOL :smile:

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