Wayland won't let me login w/ Nvidia setup

Hello, I have recently switched from Nobara to EndeavourOS. I have noticed KDE performance issues on X11 so I installed Wayland including the Nvidia package, and set ‘drm_modeset=1’.

When I try and log in to my system with Wayland, I enter my password, the screen goes black, and then it returns me to the login screen. This only happens with Wayland, not X11

If there’s any info that may help, lmk and I’ll provide!

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sudo rebuild-kernels # if using systemd-boot or update your initramfs for grub.

Tried that and the issue persists

Do you have



:eye: https://community.kde.org/Plasma/Wayland/Nvidia

There is a typo in rebuild-kernels. It should be reinstall-kernels if you use systemd-boot.

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Ooops :blush: