Wayland UI Distortion Lines in Panel and some apps

Just wondering if there is a solution for the distortion lines seen when rolling mouse over the active panel and some apps (I’ll list them once found).

Basically they look like mostly black, sometimes multicolor 1 pixel wide horizontal, sometimes vertical lines when you run the mouse of panel and panel menu items.

I’ve heard this could be due to fractional scaling being used which is a must for my 4k setup. I have it set to 125% atm.

Anyone know of a solution? This is another bug I’ve remembered running into a year or so ago.

PS. I’ve had time off from using Linux where I used X11 mostly without issue. Just wanting to test out Wayland now that I have a AMD GPU.

As you’ve said, there is no issue on Xorg, so why not use that?

Because I want to use Wayland and try it out.

X11 while works and doesn’t have this issue. It is being made redundant overtime.

Also I believe wayland will have better multidisplay support if not already, in future.

I don’t believe moving back to X11 JUST for this issue is needed.
The issue is an annoyance, be nice if a solution was found that is all.

I’ll continue testing and poking around and if I find a solution or something, I’ll reply here.

That is a great exaggeration. Well, it depends on what you mean by “overtime”, if you mean decades, then sure, every software will be obsolete in decades. But for the foreseeable future, X11 is still very much alive and kicking and I don’t see that changing any time soon. Wayland has been around for a long time (not nearly as long as Xorg, but still, a decade or so), and it still isn’t fully functional… It may very well become obsolete before it reaches maturity. Maybe even before X11, who knows? Difficult to say what the future will bring.

Nobody knows what will happen in the future. I would be more present-oriented. It’s not like using Wayland now will help you use Wayland in the future, you can switch back and forth whenever you want to… Do you currently benefit from Wayland’s allegedly better multidisplay support?

EDIT: doesn’t look like it:

What are some other concrete benefits you get from running Wayland? I always consider switching to Wayland, but my list of pros and cons is very asymmetric: I can easily fill the cons column, but I have barely anything to put for the pros. Fortunately, it’s super easy to switch between the two.

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Listen this thread is about these odd UI distortion lines. I’ll take some screenshots if possible, maybe just use my mobile phone to show the issue.

I know about X11, I’ve used it as a primary driver for majority of my Linux years, you don’t need to wrestle me to the ground over it.

This is about using Plasma and Wayland and the odd issues that still exist.

If you can’t help, please don’t comment.
I have no interest in going into a LONG winded discussion on which is better (Xorg or WL).

Well, the solution to your UI problem is pretty obvious, the fact you don’t want to hear about it is another problem that I don’t have a solution for. :man_shrugging:

Neither do I, the answer to that is pretty clear. I’m just trying to understand your stubbornness in using something that clearly doesn’t work for you, when the obvious alternative exists. That is all.

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I’m not experiencing that here on Plasma & Wayland (Intel GPU). You could try posting at https://discuss.kde.org/ - the KDE developers hang out there (as well as our amphibian friend).

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Yes I’ll do that however this seems to be related to the percentage upscaling system and a common issue.

Setting font DPI does not cause this issue.

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No harm in letting the KDE developers know about it.

Yeah, thought I believe it has been reported a few times in past. Plasma 6 may fix this issue also. Have not tried it.

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