Hello :smile:

I would like to move from xorg/i3 to wayland/sway

maybe someone have already experience with sway? is it working well?
which is the best way to move to sway? :slightly_smiling_face: just install it and also the package xorg-server-xwayland?
Iโ€™m already testing it since one hour, until now is working well :smile: but I would like to know your opinion

thanks :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

sway is stable.
You can even copy your i3-wm config file to sway, all your settings gonna be preserved.
I personaly couldnโ€™t make the change since iโ€™m fond to some xorg dependant packages, easystroke, for instance.

Archlinux has a good docmumentation on it

From the wiki above; " In order to use the Xwayland compatibility layer to run X11 programs under Wayland, it is necessary to install the xorg-server-xwayland package."

If you donโ€™t depend one X11 packages (that canโ€™t run for any reason on wayland) iโ€™d suggest you to move to sway, itโ€™s the future after all.

I have read the link provided, thanks a lot
so far so good, really good :smiley: sway until now is working very well
I have just to find a working way to increase the font size everywhere

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Actually the package xorg-server-xwayland is a dependency of plasma-wayland-session, so you donโ€™t need to install it additionally.

Is necessary for those who donโ€™t use plasma.

:+1: I had to install it