Wayland - Set the window class of a python script?

I have a pysimplegui script and I want to set the resource class:

qdbus org.kde.KWin /KWin queryWindowInfo
activities: 961ffe75-07a7-4052-820d-f488b42014dd
caption: Button Bar
desktopFile: python3
desktops: 6dde2003-38ff-452b-a329-2dea059c798a
fullscreen: false
height: 1074
keepAbove: false
keepBelow: false
localhost: true
maximizeHorizontal: 0
maximizeVertical: 0
minimized: false
noBorder: false
resourceClass: python3
resourceName: python3.10
shaded: false
skipPager: false
skipSwitcher: false
skipTaskbar: false
type: 0
width: 955
x: 961
y: 3

Any ideas? For example Firefox nightly:

resourceClass: firefox-nightly
resourceName: firefox-bin

Because python has classes, my searches are swamped with references to classes :frowning:

Think I have found a solution - compile the script with nuitka, it is then set to the name of the binary, rather than python3.

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