Wayland on Plasma not working after update

I am using an RTX 3080 and an i9-12900K.

I ran sudo pacman -Syu and updated all my packages and rebooted my system. I get to the sddm login thing and I can login, but when I try to login using wayland my screens go black and then all I see is a underscore in the top left. X11 still seems to work though. I believe my last update before this one was 3 days ago.

Do you have all the latest nvidia updates?

I believe so. My driver version is 555.58

Have you checked all the nvidia files so you don’t have a mismatch. Should be 555.58-2

Edit: Possible you could update your mirrors and run an update again to see if there are any updates not on your mirrors.

yeah it is 555.58-2, when I just run inxi -G it shows 555.58 but pacman says I have nvidia 555.58-2 installed

I just don’t see any reason why your system wouldn’t log in with Wayland. Mine works fine on GTX 1060.

I tried enabling the fbdev kernel parameter, but now when I log in with wayland my monitors just say ‘no source’. X11 still works fine though

I finally got it working again. Deleting $HOME/.config/kwinoutputconfig.json ended up fixing it for some reason. Might be an HDR issue or something.

I looked at that file so maybe could be that it picked up & set some wrong info. :person_shrugging:

Someone else had the same issue as me and they said that deleting it fixed it for them, so I tried it and lo’ and behold it worked. Kinda weird


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