Wayland on hybrid laptops

With the transition to wayland accelerating all around the linux desktop, when do you think the switch will be possible for laptop users with hybrid graphics considering optimus-manager only works under X11? Are there any viable/similar ways to switch GPUs or usee the hybrid method under wayland?

Been running a hybrid laptop for 3+ years with wayland as my workstation without any problems (at least no more than with X11). That being said, I mostly drive displays with the onboard GPU and use the dGPU for e.g. render offloading.

envycontrol works pretty fine for me.

You can probably also run with a GPU full time, depending on your WM/DE it should work mostly out of the box. (And with KDE/ Gnome you should be able to test a wayland session any time)

Maybe, but I really like the way optimus manager handles things.

Well since I use XFCE I will probably have to wait anyways for the devs to add wayland support there so for now waiting seems the best option.