Wayland and X11 help

I have an alienware laptop with a nvidia 4070 gpu. I updated the drivers to the most recent. I noticed im using x11 now. I trued to edit the config file to force it into wayland, but it always boots x11. Also, it always uses the nvidia gpu and if i try to force it to use the integrated gpu and reboot it hangs on boot. Wheni reboot it boots back into x11 and nvidia gpu. Is this normal? Is something wrong?

Hi @EdwinCombs people will need more information to be able to help you (I probably won’t be able to), for example what desktop environment are you using?
If you include some system logs that also may be helpful, here is some information on how to do that

Im sorry, i should have thought about all that. Im at work right now.when i get home ill add a system log. Howevsr, I’m using Gnome. Everything is upto date. I noticed the change from wayland to x11 after installing steam and switching on compatability for windows games. My touchpad gestures stopped working. When i did the command to see if i was using wayland or x11 it came back x11. I thought the newest nvidia drivers worked with wayland.

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