"Warning: cannot make a backup of mirrorlist!" error while trying to install from live usb

I just made my usb drive bootable using rufus from windows and I clicked on update this application then it just closed the application and after that when i try to launch the install application again it shows me

each and every time i click on install system and nothing else happens…

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Welcome aboard! :rocket:

Sorry it was a little unpleasant first experience :upside_down_face:

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Is there anyway to make installation more verbose? I was stuck on 8% saying “installing base system. Please be patient!” For like 5 to 10 minutes while debug terminal is just saying qml component next slide… and then starts downloading packages which is also terribly slow (took almost 10 minutes or more for it to download 132.24mb of base packages) which may be due to non optimized mirrorlist for my geographical location…
Not complaining but just an advice, it would be way better to know what the installer was doing for that whole time where other distros would have already finished installation…


The installer was, as you could see in the terminal window that was open, at the part of the installation where it refreshes the keys. This step always takes about 10 mins sometimes more as the keyservers are not always the fastest. It is the same way when you install vanilla arch. It is really just the way it is. EndeavourOS has made optimizations where they can by looking for the fastest keyserver during installation but like I said keyservers are what they are.


thanks for the information… :grinning:
and the downloads of packages are also taking way much time the network usage was spiking for a second for each package which i suppose indicated the end of download for that package but after that it was doing nothing for like a minute before downloading other package. Isn’t the installation of package supposed to start after every package has finished downloading ?

sorry for my bad english…

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You can read more about it here:


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