[Warning] Broken kernel incoming for AMD users


I really hope this post won’t have a long life. I noticed there is a bug in both linux kernel 5.6.5 and 5.4.33 LTS. If you’re running a computer with an AMD GPU, you won’t be able to reboot or stop it cleanly.

As of April 19th, 2020, both kernels are on testing. I opened a bug on Archlinux tracker : https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/66305

This bug is known upstream and a patch is available: https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=207331

So, let’s hope Archlinux won’t push both 5.6.5 and 5.4.33 LTS kernels into core repository without a patch. Or maybe until 5.6.6 and 5.4.34 LTS.


Thanks for the warning!
This surely is IMPORTANT news for the AMD GPU users!

The kernel with the patch applied is already available in testing.


So… it should be OK when it arrives to the stable repo.

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Well, not really.

Looking at linux package changes:


Last commit:


It is related to an option changed to module. Fixing patch is not included.


I also wondered after looking at the latest patches that the fix for AMD GPU wasn’t there.

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Looks like the bug is now getting worked on. I think a new kernel version will be available soon.


I’m running an AMD with integrated Radeon GPU. Does this mean I should wait to run an update on the kernel? Also, I noticed everything except the cursor would freeze (unresponsive to launching new programs) when booting from USB, however I managed a workaround by using [Tab] to edit grub startup option from radeon.modeset=0 to radeon.modeset=1. I don’t know if anyone else has had this problem or where it would be more appropriate to post it, so I posted it here as an addendum to my original reply-question.

Archlinux bug is closed, so this issue should be dead now.


it get booted here :slight_smile: works…5.6.5-zen3

Running 5.6.41 and nary a problem.

Ah… okay. I’ll search the forum to see if anyone else had a similar issue with booting a Live USB then. Thanks!